Physiotherapy is the art and science of rehabilitation using modern technology, joint mobilization, and exercise techniques.

Our physiotherapists work one-on-one with our patients to overcome pain, sports injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries – anything that’s preventing them from getting back into “the game of life”.

At Meridian Spine & Joint Physiotherapy, the physiotherapist directs and is responsible for your rehabilitation program.  The physiotherapist will do a neuro-musculoskeletal assessment and based on the findings of that assessment will design a rehabilitation program to help the patient achieve their goals of therapy.  The physiotherapist will communicate the findings and the rehabilitation plan to the patient’s physician and employer/insurer (when necessary).  The physiotherapist will determine all treatment and assign parts of that treatment to the support personnel when appropriate.  The physiotherapist will reassess the patient’s progress regularly and make alterations to the treatment based on information from the reassessments, the support personnel’s input and the patient’s personal goals.