Diagnostic Services

workplace testing

Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)

• Objective, detailed and accurate assessment of an employee’s ability to perform functional activities or work tasks. • Use state-of-the-art ARCON computerized technology.
• Tools and protocols based on peer reviewed, published research to ensure objective, valid, reliable, and defensible reporting.
• Symptom amplification checks to ensure maximal effort and valid disability. 

• Assess functional abilities to determine if a person is ready to return to work.
• Clarify appropriate work restrictions.
• Progress work restrictions / modified duties towards full duties safely.
• Assess the validity of a disability.

• Biomechanical Testing – by a licensed physical therapist provides a biomechanical diagnosis which is used to plan the nature of testing to be completed throughout the functional evaluation.

Static Functional Testing

ARCON technology is used to assess lifting, pushing, pulling, sustained activities and force generation. Determines maximum strength for specific postures and tasks. Sufficient static force with good body mechanics allows testing to proceed to dynamic functional tests.

Dynamic Functional Testing

Conducted using functional equipment in the lab. Custom lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying to match the specific requirements of the job..

Occupational Testing

Testing designed specifically to assess job specific tasks to simulate specific work requirements (eg. seat assembly, word processing, painting, etc).
• Testing takes 2 half days.
• Referral to Report 8 – 10 days. When?
• Refer during planning of return to work.
• Refer to measure progress through the rehabilitation process.
• Refer when you are questioning validity of a disability


Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

Work Readiness Trials

Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Foot and Gait Analysis