What is Kinesiology? What Does a Kinesiologist Do?


Kinesiology is defined as a multi-disciplinary science encompassing 4 primary areas of study:

  • Anatomy
  • Biomechanics
  • Physiology
  • Psychomotor behaviour

At Meridian Spine & Joint Physiotherapy, the Kinesiologist is an expert in exercise therapy and the proper functioning of muscles for specific activities. 

The Physiotherapist assigns portions of the patient’s treatment to the Certified Kinesiologist. 

  • He/She may set the patient up on a modality such as TENS, heat, ice, or ultrasound. 
  • He/She may supervise the patient’s therapeutic exercise program in our gym. 
  • He/She may accompany the patient to a fitness facility to teach the patient how to use the equipment.
  • He/She may do functional testing and will teach the patient how to use proper body mechanics when the patient is doing activities of work and recreation. 

Our Certified Kinesiologists works very closely with our Physiotherapists to make sure the patient’s rehabilitation is effective and efficient.

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