London North – Beaverbrook

Meridian Spine & Joint Physiotherapy is dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients.  With our well placed community locations we are easily accessible and with flexible hours we can accommodate early morning and evening appointments. All our locations offer a relaxed, comfortable, safe environment for patients. Treatment areas are private and with our onsite gym equipment therapists can customize and monitor exercise programs so you never alone and wondering “Am I doing this exercise right”.


Located very close to the intersection of Wonderland Rd. N and Beaverbrook Ave, our Meridian Spine & Joint Physiotherapy Beaverbrook location is located in the London Family Health Team building at 1261 Beaverbrook Ave.  Easily accessible by bus, bike, or car.



The building has an automated entrance with an elevator just inside the main lobby doors on your left hand side.  Accessible parking spaces are located close to the building entrance and are clearly marked.



There is plenty of parking with a large lot directly in front and long the east side of the building.  And best of all… it’s free!


Bus Access

A wide variety of bus access options are available to get to appointments including:


“The Front Door Option”

Route 20 Fanshawe College – Beaverbrook stops almost in front of the building our clinic is located in.


“The Community Bus Option (during the hours of 9:00-2:00 p.m.)”)

Each of these Community Bus options stop almost in front of our clinic building.

  • On Monday’s only riders can pick up Route 51 Community Bus at Cherryhill Village Mall or Sherwood Forest Mall.
  • On Tuesday’s only riders can pick up Route 52 Community Bus at Cherryhill Village Mall or Oakridge Superstore.
  • On Wednesday’s only riders can pick up Route 53 Community Bus at Cherryhill Village Mall or Hyde Park Walmart.


“The Multi-Access Option”

Route #10 Natural Science/Masonville Place – Barker at Huron (northbound) is a great option for anyone that can manage a short walk (7 mins).  Exit the bus at Wonderland and Beaverbrook and head west on Beaverbrook Ave.


“The Active and Express Option”

Enjoy less stops by using the Express Route 91 along Oxford St. W.  Exit the bus at Oxford and Wonderland (westbound) stop. Head north on Wonderland by foot to Beaverbrook Ave.  Approximately a 15-minute walk.

Visit and use the convenient Plan Your Trip feature to ensure you never miss the bus and arrive on time for your appointment.

The Team at London North – Beaverbrook